3 Traits of a Best-Selling Kindle Book

There are 3 key traits to any best selling book on Kindle.

I could add a few more, but I believe that these are the 3 essentials that you absolutely must have for a Kindle book to be successful…

1. Quality content.

This should be obvious. If your book is crap, your sales won’t last long at all.
One star reviews will pile up and people will avoid your books altogether.

2. A great cover.

Your cover will mean the difference between success and failure.

A great cover looks professional, attracts attention, and makes people interested.

I understand that many of you aren’t graphic designers, and that’s perfectly okay.

You can hire someone to make a great cover for you at Fiverr, and it’s only $5.
Just make sure the seller has many good ratings before you hire them.

3. A good description.
Your description isn’t as crucial as your cover, but it’s still very important.

A good description can boost your sales, so it’s worth paying attention to.

Your description should make the reader interested & want more of your book.

I always put “only $2.99 for a limited time” at the top of my descriptions. This drives impulse buys.

Also, a longer description with more info will outperform a short description with little info.

Okay, those are the 3 key traits.
Your title, marketing, and other aspects are also important, but these should come first.


I hope this have been helpful to you!

New Way To Get Extra Traffic & Profits for Your Book: KINDLE SINGLES (Get 70% Commission under $2.99?!)

You may have heard of Kindle singles, but maybe you didn’t exactly know what it was or you didn’t think you could get your book in.
Well, that’s what I thought… but I was just proven wrong. I found the link to apply your eBook for Kindle Singles, and it’s actually pretty simple. You just email them your book title and give them a summary, then they’ll look over it and get back to you.

“But, What’s Kindle Singles? What Are The Benefits?” You may be asking.

Kindle Singles is Amazon’s program where they showcase short Kindle books from 5,000 to 30,000 words. Here are the 2 greatest benefits it brings to your eBook:

  1. Brings more traffic to your book. (more traffic = more sales!)
  2. Gives you better commissions! You can get 70% commissions even if your book is under $2.99!

So, I’m definitely going to submit a few of my Kindle books to this and hope that they get approved as Kindle Singles! I definetely recommend you try it too, as it can give your book HUGE potential!
Here’s the link to Amazon’s page on it & how to submit:

5 Great Kindle Publishing Tips

Stay active with your readers! When they leave a review, you can reply to their review and thank them or answer a question.
It will let potential buyers trust you more. It will make you appear more genuine!

Don’t just do long novels, put out some shorter books too!
You can write really short stories (a few paragraphs long), and publish a compilation of them.
These sell great at $2.99 and people LOVE to buy and read them because they’re a fun quick pick-up-&-read.
Many of my best selling books on Kindle are short story collections at $2.99!
They’re GREAT to get your name out! If you’re not already putting out short stories, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunity.

Publish MULTIPLE books! One book alone will barely get your name out there and will barely make you a decent income. Yes, you may get very lucky with that one book and have it featured, but even then you are missing out on HUGE opportunity and letting the new fans down by not publishing even more. Even 2 isn’t enough.
If you genuinely enjoy writing stories, then you should keep writing, and when you finish your story and you like it, publish it as a book on Kindle! (even if it’s short! readers love a good short)
DON’T JUST STOP AT ONE, be persistent, keep going at it, and you will find success!
Studies show that at least 75% of writers who make over 1,000 sales a month have 3+ titles. When I find the graph for that statistic, I will upload it here.

Get the reader curious as early as you can!
Once you get them curious, you make it hard for them to stop reading. It will be very hard for them to not want to find out what happens next, it’s like casting a magic spell on the reader that makes them very interested in your story!
This is especially imported if your story is published, or you plan to publish it. On Kindle, the buyer can take a quick look into the beginning of the book. When you do that, it is your chance to pull them into the story so that after they finish reading the preview, they won’t be able to resist buying your book!
Try to catch their attention with the first sentence. Something shocking, strange, confusing, scary, ATTENTION GRABBING. Use the rest of that first paragraph to pull them into the story and make them curious as to what is about to happen or how something will play out.
As with a movie, a start that has action and pulls you right into the story is much more entertaining (at least to me), while a slow, boring beginning that can take as much as 30 minutes or even an hour to get into the story just makes me want to go to sleep.

Keep the reader on the edge, not knowing what will happen next.
This is especially important for paranormal, thriller, mystery, suspense, and horror type genres.

This should be a little obvious, but it’s still very important so that’s why I’m posting about it.

When you keep the reader on the edge of their seat, not knowing what will happen next, it makes them much more engaged in your story so that it’s hard for them to stop reading.


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