New Way To Get Extra Traffic & Profits for Your Book: KINDLE SINGLES (Get 70% Commission under $2.99?!)

You may have heard of Kindle singles, but maybe you didn’t exactly know what it was or you didn’t think you could get your book in.
Well, that’s what I thought… but I was just proven wrong. I found the link to apply your eBook for Kindle Singles, and it’s actually pretty simple. You just email them your book title and give them a summary, then they’ll look over it and get back to you.

“But, What’s Kindle Singles? What Are The Benefits?” You may be asking.

Kindle Singles is Amazon’s program where they showcase short Kindle books from 5,000 to 30,000 words. Here are the 2 greatest benefits it brings to your eBook:

  1. Brings more traffic to your book. (more traffic = more sales!)
  2. Gives you better commissions! You can get 70% commissions even if your book is under $2.99!

So, I’m definitely going to submit a few of my Kindle books to this and hope that they get approved as Kindle Singles! I definetely recommend you try it too, as it can give your book HUGE potential!
Here’s the link to Amazon’s page on it & how to submit:

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