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Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are your Kindle books not selling enough?
  • Do you want your books to rake in sales after you promote?
  • Would a good book promotion strategy benefit you?

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Dear Kindle publishers,

If there was a way for you to easily promote your books and get results that boost your KDP free promo downloads & paid sales, how much would that benefit you?

The product I am revealing to you today will show you how to do that. You will discover not 1, but 3 different methods to promote your Kindle books.

Each of these 3 different promo methods are explained step-by-step in detail. Everything is made simple & easy for you.

On top of that, I will also reveal how you should optimize your Kindle books to attract sales like a magnet (even without any promotion).

Here’s The Problem Most Kindle Publishers Face…

You publish your book expecting to see big results, but you get nothing.

Then you try a free promotion, but you don’t even get 300 downloads.

Then you wonder why you’re not getting the results you were expecting.

The problem is, if you want to see good results every time you publish a book, you will need to promote your Kindle book outside of Amazon.

You will also need to know what the good promotions are, and how to use them to their advantage.

You can’t just publish a book, forget about it, then expect good results.

If you did a great job optimizing your book, then you may get lucky every so often, and your book sales will take off after a successful KDP free promo.

Speaking of optimization, that brings me to the next issue.

If you haven’t optimized your book well enough (most authors don’t), then you will not see any success, even when using a good promotion method.

Optimization includes having a great cover, a good title, a good description, good keywords, correct category placement, etc.

Most authors will leave parts of this out, which causes their book to fail.

Here’s the Solution…

Simple KD Promotion


With Simple KD Promotion, you will have all of those problems solved.

You will discover 3 ways to do a successful book promotion, as well as how to optimize your book to get the most after promotion.

With this, one of your biggest Kindle roadblocks is now solved.

Kindle promotion is finally made simple & straight-forward.


To be successful & profitable with Kindle publishing, there are 3 things you need…

  • Great promotion
  • Great optimization (cover, description, keywords, etc.)
  • Great content

Without those, you are likely to fail. That’s the truth. But with Simple KD Promotion, there is no need to worry. It will solve the first 2 of those needs.

Don’t believe me?

Fair enough… How about some proof?

Proof That These Methods Work:

To test out these methods, I created & published a book following the rules of this guide.

I followed the optimization techniques, then I put it on a free promotion.

I only got around 300 free downloads, and my book was somewhere in the top #1,000 – #2,000 free.

These results aren’t too great.

So I tried out one of the promotion methods from Simple KD Promotion.

The results?

3,098 downloads in just 1 day.


The book went all the way up to #59 free in the ENTIRE Kindle store.

case study 2

It also got #1 best-seller in 2 categories.

case study 1

These are GREAT results.

The best part is – it was simple!

However, I bet you’re now wondering how many sales I got after this free promo.

As of writing this, 24 hours have gone by since the free promo ended.

In those 24 hours I got 15 new sales!

case study 4

That pays for the promotion cost… and then some.

Even better, I expect these sales to continue for a while.


Because the book has gotten some great rankings. Take a look…

case study 3

The book is now a top seller in 3 categories.


All I did to achieve this was follow this simple guide. Simple KD Promotion provides the information for everything I followed to optimize & promote that book. Everything except for the content creation & category selection.

If you utilize Simple KD Promotion, you can definitely achieve similar results with your own books.

Here’s everything you’ll get inside Simple KD Promotion…

What’s Inside “Simple KD Promotion”:

  • 3 new ways to promote your Kindle books
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to use the promotions
  • 36 great places to promote your books
  • 5 great Fiverr gigs to promote your books
  • Promoting with free website ads
  • Promoting with paid website ads
  • How to promote your books for just $5
  • Promoting your books with Facebook ads
  • Using Facebook fanpages to promote your books
  • How to get a great book cover made
  • 6 great resources for getting a book cover
  • How to make your own book cover
  • How to get free images for your book covers
  • Making a good book description that sells
  • 4 proven ways to get reviews

Are You Struggling To Get Reviews?

Reviews are very important to your book sales. However they are hard to get, as most people don’t leave reviews.

Inside this training, I will reveal 4 different ways to easily get reviews.

Do you have trouble creating a good book description?

Your description is another important aspect of your book. If you do it right, you can convince viewers to buy your book.

Inside this training, I’ll show you how to make a nice description. I will also include my book description template for you to utilize.

Do You Need Great Book Covers?

Your cover is one of the most important parts of your book. If your cover isn’t good enough, your book will fail. If your cover looks good, attractive, eye catching & interesting it will sell much better. However, a great book cover isn’t easy to get if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Inside this training, I will reveal 6 places to get great book covers made for you. I will also show you step-by-step how to make a nice book cover yourself.

Are Your Books Not Selling Enough?

A good book promotion method would help you solve that problem.

Inside this training I will reveal 3 book promotion methods that will boost your sales.

How This Can Help You…

If you aren’t getting enough Kindle sales, then this will be very helpful to you.

The reason that your Kindle books aren’t selling enough could be for a variety of reasons, including…

  • A poor book cover
  • Weak promotion methods (or no promotion at all)
  • Bad keyword placement
  • A book description that doesn’t motivate viewers to buy
  • Not enough reviews
  • Etc.

With Simple KD Promotion, you can realize what you’re doing wrong & how to fix it.

If you put the methods inside to use, then you should definitely see a good boost in book sales.


  • Simple, Easy-To-Understand & to the point
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Instant delivery (anywhere & anytime)
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • Boost your book sales
  • Successful KDP free promotions with thousands of downloads
  • Get more reviews
  • Make a great book description that motivates viewers to buy
  • Higher sale conversions (people are more likely to buy your book when they see it)
  • Finally be able to make every book a success


  • 25 Kindle Book Cover Templates

    Use these 25 templates to easily make great attractive book covers.

  • Recommended Resources

    10 recommended resources to improve your Kindle success

  • Kindle Gold Rush

    Complete guide to publishing books on Kindle. Includes step-by-step instructions on how to sign up, choose a genre, promote & more.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting

Now, I was originally going to charge $27 for this.

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If you want to be able to boost your book sales, get thousands of downloads on a free promo & optimize your book to get the most sales possible, then this product will be very useful to you.

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To your Kindle success,

T. Thompson