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Dear Warriors & Kindle Publishers,

I’ve been publishing & selling Kindle books for almost 2 years now. Recently I’ve put together a blueprint which I follow for my Kindle business. I’ve found this blueprint to be very simple, easy & profitable for me.

You can repeat it over and over to continuously multiply your monthly profits.

You want to know the best thing about Kindle?
It’s a set-and-forget business. This means that you just do the work once, and it will continuously bring in profits on autopilot after.

This makes it very easy to multiply and build up your monthly profits. You can continuously publish these books and they’ll all continue to sell for a long time.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even have to write your own books for Kindle. In my blueprint, I explain how to easily outsource high-quality  full length books for less than $80.

With this blueprint, you can start from scratch or simply apply it to your current business.

Here’s The Problem Most Kindle Publishers Face…

Successfully profiting from Kindle isn’t as easy as it used to be.

There are 6 main things you must do correctly in order to be successful with Kindle…

  • Content
  • Cover
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Getting reviews
  • Marketing

From my experience, I would say that the 4 MOST important are…


Content, because it’s important to your long-term success and review ratings.

Your cover, because people see it first. It’s what pulls them in & interests them initially.

Getting reviews, because they increase credibility. Having only a few reviews will scare people away, while having many reviews will give you a big edge over competition.

Marketing, because it gives you the kick-start you need. This is what will really turn your book into a best seller.


Honestly – If you get just 1 of those 4 wrong, you’re screwed.


The reason many Kindle publishers aren’t as successful as the could be is because they don’t do all of the aspects properly.

Many people write great books, but they publish it with a poor cover, lackluster description, and non-existent promotion. They wait for the sales to come in… and nothing. They’ll probably get a couple sales here and there, but nothing compared to what they could have otherwise achieved.

You need more than just great content to be successful at Kindle self-publishing.

You can’t just publish a book & forget about it, then expect good results.

That just doesn’t happen… at least not anymore.

Also unfortunately, getting a professional cover, amazing description, properly-researched keywords & good promotion isn’t easy without the proper know-how.

Here’s the Solution…

Kindle Cash Blueprint

With Kindle Cash Blueprint, your problems are now solved.

I have simplified my entire successful Kindle process don’t into a super easy to follow 5-step blueprint.

You will discover how to become profitable & successful on Kindle from scratch.

Inside Kindle Cash Blueprint I will show you exactly how to get all of these crucial aspects right:

  • Content
  • Cover
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Getting reviews
  • Marketing

You will discover how the solution to each of those, as well as the many smaller aspects that I did not mention.

There’s no longer a need to worry about those problems I stated earlier, because I will solve them for you.

I go from start to finish, showing you completely how to get your Kindle book created (without even writing it) and turn it into a best-seller right away.


Whether you already publish on Kindle or not, this will be very useful to you.


If you haven’t tried Kindle publishing yet, you can follow this blueprint to get started making your first big profits from it right away. If you don’t want to write, you don’t even need to.

If you already publish on Kindle, you can follow this blueprint to discover many powerful new golden nuggets. Just take a look at the bullet point list for yourself and see.

This is a complete Kindle business in a box.

Whether you’re completely new or experienced, you can follow this blueprint to achieve great success on Kindle.


Don’t believe me?

Fair enough… How about some proof?

Proof That These Methods Work:

To test out these methods, I created & published a few books exactly following this blueprint.

The results?

Well, take a look for yourself…








These numbers are GREAT.

However, now you’re probably wondering how many sales I got from these rankings.

Well, I generated this in just the past 2 weeks: (91 paid sales & 54 KU sales)




I also generated this in just 24 hours after a promotion: (20 paid sales)




All I did to achieve this was follow this simple guide.

Kindle Cash Blueprint provides the information for everything I followed to publish that book & make it a best-seller.


If you utilize Kindle Cash Blueprint, you can definitely achieve similar (or better) results with your own books.


Here’s everything you’ll get inside Kindle Cash Blueprint…

What’s Inside “Kindle Cash Blueprint”:

  • How to outsource your books for cheap
  • Tips on creating your own book
  • How to create a great cover that sells
  • How to publish a book
  • How to make a title that sells
  • Make a description that drives sales
  • Choosing the correct categories
  • Selecting the right age range
  • 2 ways to find great keywords
  • Best way to price your book
  • About KDP Select
  • The importance of reviews
  • 5 powerful methods to promote your books
  • Using KDP Select to promote your books
  • 3 powerful methods to promote your books
  • 29 free places to promote your book
  • 8 paid places to promote your book
  • The #1 best place to promote your book (always works)
  • How to market your book with those places mentioned above
  • How to promote with Fiverr
  • 5 recommended Fiverr gigs to promote with
  • How to promote books with Facebook ads
  • 3 effective strategies for Facebook ads
  • How to promote your books with a Facebook fan page
  • My personal email (contact me here if you ever need help)

How This Solves Your Problems:

This complete Kindle business in-a-box solves all of the big problems that most Kindle publishers face.

Here’s how it solves the main problems that I stated earlier…

Get Amazing Covers

It explains exactly how to get a great cover created for you. It’s actually pretty simple, and I’ll show you where I go to get very professional eye-catching covers that boost sales.

Marketing Your Books To Become Best-Seller

I go over 3 powerful strategies for marketing & promoting your books. With these strategies, it’s pretty easy to get your book to the top 50 in the Kindle store & #1 best-seller in your genre.

Gather Many Reviews

It shows 5 great methods to get reviews onto your books. Reviews are very important, and using these methods will give you a good advantage over competition.

Get Quality Content That Readers Love

I will show you step-by-step (with pictures) exactly how to outsource your book for very cheap. I got a 20,000 word novella written for $80, although you could do it for around $60 if you want.

Even if you don’t want to write, this blueprint allows Kindle to remain a great money-making opportunity for you.

How This Can Help You…

The Kindle Cash Blueprint is very helpful, whether you know nothing about Kindle at all or if you’re an experienced book publisher.

If you’re a newb
You can follow the blueprint as a money-making opportunity. I show you exactly how to do everything, so it’s quite easy.

If you’re already experienced
You can go through this blueprint and extract the many golden nuggets from it. This can really help to boost your efficiency in Kindle publishing.

It will help you become much for profitable if you follow it.

With Kindle Cash Blueprint, you can realize what you’re doing wrong & how to fix it.

If you put the methods inside to use, then you should definitely see a good boost in book sales.


  • Simple, easy to understand & to-the-point
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Instant delivery (anywhere & anytime)
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • Make huge profits in a simple way
  • Get easy passive income checks every 30 days
  • Boost your book sales
  • Successful free promos with thousands of downloads
  • Easily become a best-seller
  • Get more reviews
  • Make a great description that motivates people to buy
  • Higher sales conversions (people are more likely to buy your book when they see it)
  • Finally be able to make every book a success


  • 25 Kindle Book Cover Templates

    Use these 25 templates to easily make great attractive book covers.

  • Book Outsource Blueprint

    A 10 part video course on how to outsource your books. This is is very useful.

  • Kindle Gold Rush

    Complete guide to publishing books on Kindle. Includes step-by-step instructions on how to sign up, choose a genre, promote & more.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting

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To your Kindle success,

Temper Thompson