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Dear Kindle Publishers,

I’ve been publishing & selling Kindle books for almost 3 years now. Recently I’ve compiled all of the strategies that I utilize to make my Kindle business successful.

Lately I’ve been really focusing on implementing these strategies into ALL of my books, and it has made a MASSIVE difference, causing my book sales to skyrocket even further.

You can apply these strategies to your own books to achieve similar amazing results.

Here’s The Problem Most Kindle Publishers Face…

Successfully profiting from Kindle isn’t as easy as it used to be.

I’ve realized that there are 5 main things you must do correctly in order to be successful with Kindle…

  • Content
  • Cover
  • Keywords
  • Getting reviews
  • Marketing

Let me elaborate on each of those a bit…


Content, because it’s important to your long-term success and review ratings.

Your cover, because people see it first before anything else. It’s what pulls them in & interests them initially.

Keywords, because this is how Amazon promotes your book. Keywords ALONE can get you on the front page of a popular search term like “romance” or “mystery”, resulting in hundreds of extra book sales.

Getting reviews, because they increase credibility. Having only a few reviews will scare potential buyers away, while having many reviews will give you a huge edge over the competition.

Marketing, because it gives you the kick-start you need. This is what will really turn your book into a best seller.


Honestly, if you get just 1 of those 5 wrong, you’re screwed.

The reason that many Kindle publishers aren’t as successful as they could be is because they don’t do all of these aspects properly.

Many people write great books, but they publish it with a poor cover, lackluster description, and non-existent promotion. They wait for the sales come in… and nothing. They’ll probably get a couple sales here and there, but nothing compared to what they could have otherwise achieved.

You need more than just great content to be successful at Kindle self-publishing.

You can’t just publishing a book & forget about it, then expect good results.

That just doesn’t happen… at least not anymore.

Also unfortunately, getting a professional cover, amazing description, properly-researched keywords & good promotion isn’t easy without the proper know-how.

Here’s the Solution…

47 Kindle Profit Boosters

With these 47 Kindle Profit Boosters in your hands, your problems are now solved.

I have simplified my entire arsenal of powerful publishing strategies into 1 simple & easy-to-use resource that you can implement into your own Kindle books TODAY to skyrocket your sales.

You will discover every single method & strategy that I personally use to generate 6 figures a year from my own Kindle publishing business.

There’s no longer a need to worry about that problems that I stated earlier, because I will solve them for you.

I have included tips & tricks on all main important aspects of Kindle publishing, including content, cover, keywords, getting reviews and marketing.

Whether you already publish on Kindle or not, this will be very useful to you.


Don’t believe me?

Fair enough… How about some proof?

Proof That These Methods Work:

I have thoroughly tested these 47 strategies by publishing many Kindle books according to them.
I used zero promotion strategies with them, so that I could see how they performed on their own.

The results?

Well, take a look for yourself… (all books were priced at $2.99 or $3.99)

This book was ranked #59 in the ENTIRE Kindle store:




This book got #1 bestseller, yet I used ZERO promotion:




This book got #3 bestseller, yet I still used zero promotion:





Those numbers are GREAT.

However, now you’re probably wondering how many actual sales I got from rankings like this.

Well, let’s take a look…

Here are some recent books which sold well, even though they had ZERO promotion: (440 SALES)





Here are some more recent books which sold well, despite also having zero promotion: (276 sales)





Here’s another book which sold well. I ran a 1-day free promotion, but nothing else: (145 sales)




This is the same book as above, but in UK sales: (100 sales)




Some more books that sold well, despite having zero promotion: (209 sales)





 Here’s another book that sold lots of KU units, despite having zero promotion: (88 sales)




Finally, here’s a book that sold well in UK, despite having absolutely zero promotion: (74 sales)




Overall, that’s a total of 1,332 units sold! (all at $2.99 & $3.99)

That equals out to about $2,783.88 in pure profit.

Keep in mind that almost all of those sales came from books with zero promotion.

In my experience, promotion makes a HUGE difference in units sold.

Now imagine if I were to apply promotions to all of those books. :)

Also, keep this in mind:

All I did to achieve these results was follow this simple guide.

47 Kindle Profit Boosters’ provides the information for everything that I followed to publish these books and make them best-sellers.

If you utilize these 47 Kindle profit boosters, you can definitely achieve similar (or better) results with your own books.

Here’s everything you’ll get inside this guide…

What’s Inside “47 Kindle Profit Boosters”:

  • How to get a great book cover that drives sales
  • Get your book on the 1st page for ANY keyword (even “romance” or “mystery”)
  • 1 simple sentence that will SKYROCKET your book sales when placed in the description
  • Properly selecting your book’s category (this is very important)
  • Powerful keyword tips that you can implement TODAY to boost sales
  • The best price to sell your books at (why it’s so powerful)
  • Take advantage of the “look inside” feature on Amazon to boost your sales
  • The 1 simple strategy that I use to make ANY book a bestseller
  • The simple strategy that I use to get TONS of extra UK book sales
  • How to get books on the TOP 100 in the ENTIRE Kindle store
  • The untapped book niche that generates massive extra yearly profit
  • Which is better to publish in: Big genres or small genres
  • The minimum amount of reviews to always aim for
  • An easy strategy that you can use to get extra reviews on ANY book
  • Which is better to publish: Fiction or non-fiction
  • #1 place to get TONS of high-quality free stock photos for your books
  • The 10 genres that have been selling REALLY well lately
  • Why Kindle isn’t your only option
  • The exact perfect book length (readers love this)
  • The #1 best place to get AMAZING book covers (I highly recommend this)
  • The best place to get a book proofread (I pay only $5 for 4k words)
  • #1 most HIGHLY RECOMMENDED place to get a book promotion
  • How to make your readers feel like you’re writing DIRECTLY to them

How This Solves Your Problems:

These 47 Kindle Profit Boosters will really solve all of the big problems that most Kindle publishers face.

Here’s how it solves the main problems that I stated earlier…

Get Amazing Covers

You will get access to multiple tips on getting a cover that really boosts your sales. You will even get access to my most highly recommended sources for getting book covers that will make your books fly off the digital shelves!

Market Your Books To Become Best-Sellers

I have included multiple powerful strategies that you can use to market your books.

These tactics have gotten my books onto the TOP 100 in the ENTIRE Kindle store, and they can do the same for you.

Gather Many Reviews

You will get access to multiple strategies will get you WAY more book reviews. These strategies are so simple and easy (yet powerful) that you can implement them TODAY.

Get Quality Content That Readers Love

You will get access to multiple useful tips on content creation, which could really help steer you in the right direction so that you publish books that your readers absolutely love! (resulting in more 5 star reviews)

Use Keywords To Skyrocket Your Book Sales

I’ll share some very powerful tactics which have skyrocketed my sales by getting my books on the front page of ANY keyword (even ‘romance’ & ‘mystery’).

How This Can Help You…

These 47 Kindle Profit Boosters are very helpful, whether you know nothing about Kindle at all or if you’re an experienced publisher.

If you’re a newb…
You can utilize the information in here to take off from the ground and achieve great results right from the start.

If you’re already experienced…
You can go through this and extract the many golden nuggets from it. There are many powerful tips in here that can boost your Kindle business way ahead once implemented.

This will help you become much more profitable if you follow it.
If you put the methods inside to use, then you should definitely see a good boost in book sales.


  • Simple, easy to understand & to-the-point
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Instant delivery (anywhere & anytime)
  • 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days


  • Skyrocket your book sales
  • Successful free promos with thousands of downloads
  • Easily become a best-seller
  • Get more reviews
  • Make a great description that motivates people to buy
  • Higher sales conversions (people are more likely to buy your book when they see it)
  • Finally be able to make every book a success


  • 25 Kindle Book Cover Templates

    Use these 25 templates to easily make great attractive book covers.

  • Kindle Cash Secrets

    This PDF guide includes multiple powerful golden nuggets of info that will drastically improve your book sales if you put them to use.

  • KD Submitter Pro Software

    KD Submitter Pro allows you to submit teaser book samples to dozens of popular eBook directories for free, at the push of a button.

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Temper Thompson