How do you currently price your Kindle eBooks?

Currently, the best all around price is $2.99. It’s not too high, but not too low. A cheaper price can appear to be cheap and low quality. A higher price can turn off any budget-conscious reader. After Amazon takes their cut, you get $2.

From my own experience, $4.29 in the 2nd best price. Use it only if you think your book is worth the price! The sales are still about the same, it makes the book appear more valuable, and you get $3 a sale instead of $2. But, the higher price may scare off some buyers.

You can use $0.99 short stories to get your name out. You will get higher volume sales more easily, but it takes a LOT to add up so you can’t count on it for revenue. Since you get 35% profits instead of 70% when your book is under $2.99, you will only get $0.35 per sale! It will take 5.71 sales at this price to be equal to 1 sale at $2.99.

You can put together compilations of a few novels or long stories in the same genre and charge $9.99. Some people will buy it, but much less. But hey, it’s worth a shot!

I’m looking into the $3.99 price point. I’ve heard good things about it, but I’m still researching it and I’ll update you soon on what I find!

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