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Welcome to the new website! I am T. Thompson, and I write Kindle books for a living. I currently have over 20 titles selling on Kindle, and they sell great! A lot of you are writers yourself, but you really want to get published. Or maybe you’ve already got books on Kindle, but they just aren’t selling well enough. Well, whoever you are, on this website I will teach you all how to get published on Kindle, and how to get great sales! I’m always researching and keeping an eye out for the latest tips and tricks that can increase sales on Kindle, and I will be sure you update you of them here! So, here’s the very first post of the page, and there is much more to come. I look forward to making this a thriving & helpful community! Before I finish this post, I have a question…

Are you aspiring to get your books published and available for sale?
Or are you already published and selling on Amazon Kindle?
Leave comments below! I need to know my audience, and what kind of tips I should give!

~T. Thompson