Getting The Buyer To Trust You

One of the most, important things to get lots of sales?

The biggest factors are:

  • Amount of reviews
  • Other books by the author
  • Number of stars in the reviews

You should have at least 5 reviews above 3 stars. A book with a 1 star review does do better that no stars, but the more stars the better. 30 reviews is a great number to aim for, but while your book is still new on the market, 10 reviews is a good goal to set.

You should also have more books that have good reviews. If the buyer clicks on your author name and sees all of your other books with 1 star reviews, it will definitely scare them away from buying your book! Also, if all of your books are in different genres, that will scare a lot of buyers away as well. They will be skeptical if you’ve got all these different genres under one author name. You should just write in 1 genre per author name. If you want to write in another genre, I recommend you create a pin name. You can use any name you can think of!
So, you may have a few reviews already, but if the average star count is 1 or 2 stars, a buyer will be very hesitant and scared to buy the book. Remember, you’ve got to make a good first impression!

BE SURE TO PUT OUT DECENT QUALITY! Would you pay your own asking price?
If it’s not quality enough, go to and you can find someone to fix up your book and correct your errors for $5. That’s the place I go to when I need a small service done for cheap. I am not trying to promote them, just saying it’s a good place to go.


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~T. Thompson

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