3 Traits of a Best-Selling Kindle Book

There are 3 key traits to any best selling book on Kindle.

I could add a few more, but I believe that these are the 3 essentials that you absolutely must have for a Kindle book to be successful…

1. Quality content.

This should be obvious. If your book is crap, your sales won’t last long at all.
One star reviews will pile up and people will avoid your books altogether.

2. A great cover.

Your cover will mean the difference between success and failure.

A great cover looks professional, attracts attention, and makes people interested.

I understand that many of you aren’t graphic designers, and that’s perfectly okay.

You can hire someone to make a great cover for you at Fiverr, and it’s only $5.
Just make sure the seller has many good ratings before you hire them.

3. A good description.
Your description isn’t as crucial as your cover, but it’s still very important.

A good description can boost your sales, so it’s worth paying attention to.

Your description should make the reader interested & want more of your book.

I always put “only $2.99 for a limited time” at the top of my descriptions. This drives impulse buys.

Also, a longer description with more info will outperform a short description with little info.

Okay, those are the 3 key traits.
Your title, marketing, and other aspects are also important, but these should come first.


I hope this have been helpful to you!

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